Saturday, September 5, 2015

Celebrating Samuel's Adoption Day

 Today marks the third anniversary of the finalization of Samuel's adoption. I'll never forget that day in court and the relief and gratitude that washed over me as the judge declared him to be legally our son. After all the waiting and the grief of having four little girls slip though our fingers, I had wondered what God's plans were for Samuel. Was he to be ours only for a short time too?  I'm so thankful that God saw fit to make him part of our family, and this is certainly sometime to celebrate. 

Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind, Psalm 107:8

After breakfast, we went to the St. Louis Galleria to visit the original Build-A-Bear. This was our first time there, and we had fun. Samuel decided to build his own Toothless, and Eva Kate decided on Rarity from My Little Ponies. The added a heart and a voice box to their toys. Samuel's dragon roars, and Eva Kate's unicorn talks. The heart actually makes a "beating" vibration. The toys have their own unique birth certificates also.

We ate lunch at the food court. James and I got sushi. The kids shared a Honey Walnut shrimp bowl from Panda Express. They also got a fortune cookie to share, and I thought the fortune was appropriate in light of conversations we've had with the kids lately about being kind to others.
Every good celebration calls for cupcakes. These came from Cupcakes Amore. So yummy!
The kids' birthmother is always in my thoughts as we celebrate their adoption days. I wonder if this day weighs on her heart, and I wonder how she's doing. We pray for her with the kids, and we write to her.  We're ever grateful to her for giving these children life and for entrusting them to us.