Saturday, September 29, 2007

Art has gone to the dogs

We have some new art work. James' parents gave us a painting for our two dogs. I was done by a lady in Jackson, MS. It is cute, but she didn't get Daisy's eyes right. There was way too much white around her eyes, and the fur on her head is sticking up too much. I decided to try to touch it up myself. This is the original painting.

This is my touch-up. I didn't have any black paint, so I'm going to see how it looks when it dries. I might need to get some black paint. I think it looks better.

I got some black paint a finished touching up the painting. After looking at the painting for a while yesterday, I realised that the lady had left one of Lily's paw's out, so I put that it and worked on Daisy's face some more. James didn't care for having the dog's names in the painting, so I painted over them. I think it looks a lot better. It is hanging in the laundry room.

The next photo is of our new art in our bedroom. I took all the photos. The pics are 8 x8 and framed in double glass frames. The one in the lower right of Daisy has a glare on it. I t is difficult to take a pic of glass and not have some glare, especially with the lighting in the bedroom.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


This past weekend we went to Memphis with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. We went to see the "Lion King" at the Orpheum. What and impressive old theater. . .except that the rows of seats were too close together and you had to stand up to let people walk by. The show was a lot of fun. I think the costumes are very creative. After the show, we walked around down town - mostly at Peabody Place. We ate dinner at a new restaurant that was very much like Gaucho's in Little Rock. We don't have a restaurant like that in Red Stick, and we'd missed it! It was a great treat.
The next day, we got up and watched the ducks march in at the Peabody. They are escorted down from their habitat on the roof in an elevator, and walk out - hopefully in a straight line - on the red carpet and into the fountain.

We ate lunch at Huey's - a local burger chain that is the home of the best onion rings in the tri-state area - and then took a trolley ride.

Friday, September 7, 2007

What to do with leftover brisket

I cooked a brisket on Tuesday for the two of us to have for dinner. It was very good, but the trouble with brisket is that we always have so much left over. It was about 7 lbs of meat, and that will go a long way with just two people. We've both had 5 meals out of it, and we still have some left. We've had sandwiches with it, but I came with something a little more creative. There is a chain a "build you own burrito" restaurants here in Red Stick called Izzo's. We sauteed mushrooms and onion, chopped tomatoes, made guacamole and made our own burritos. We used the extra large tortilla shells that are sold for wraps. I cut the meat up into small strips, poured a little McClards's BBQ sauce on it before heating it up. We also had cheese dip and sour cream. It was so good!