Friday, September 7, 2007

What to do with leftover brisket

I cooked a brisket on Tuesday for the two of us to have for dinner. It was very good, but the trouble with brisket is that we always have so much left over. It was about 7 lbs of meat, and that will go a long way with just two people. We've both had 5 meals out of it, and we still have some left. We've had sandwiches with it, but I came with something a little more creative. There is a chain a "build you own burrito" restaurants here in Red Stick called Izzo's. We sauteed mushrooms and onion, chopped tomatoes, made guacamole and made our own burritos. We used the extra large tortilla shells that are sold for wraps. I cut the meat up into small strips, poured a little McClards's BBQ sauce on it before heating it up. We also had cheese dip and sour cream. It was so good!

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