Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another Pair of Shoes

Our little dog Lily chewed up another pair of my shoes this week. Here are a few photos of her damage.

Notice that the shoe on the left has a strap. She chewed the strap completely off the shoe on the right except for the buckle. The strap on the other shoe also sustained a bit a damage a few weeks ago, but it was still wearable. This was the 3rd pair of my shoes that she's destroyed. I went shoe shopping today at Dillards and got replacements. I got a new pair of Ecco tennis shoes. It's the first pair of Ecco's that I've ever bought, and I love them. They are the most comfortable pair of tennis shoes I've ever had.

A close up of the damage. Shoe chewing is her late-night entertainment. She goes underneath our bed while we are asleep, and finds a shoe and chews till she's tired. I know it's not Daisy who's guilty because she cannot crawl under the bed, and that is where we always find the damage. We are no longer leaving our shoes in the bedroom because of this. I went through my shoes today and found about 10 pairs that I never wore and I took them to a local charity. Now we have room to keep our shoes that our in our regular rotation in the closest out of Lily's reach.

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