Friday, August 1, 2008

What came in the mail today.

I was surprised to find what came in the mail today. I lost my PDA at Busch stadium on the 4th of July. Along with it, I lost my drivers license, debit card, and credit card - I kept all of that in the PDA case.

James went to another ballgame the day after that and looked for it, but of course he didn't find it. So we made the necessary calls and got new debit cards and credit cards for the both of us. Both accounts were joint, so that's why James had to get new cards too. It wasn't that much of a headache. Since I'd had my car broken into and my purse stolen a year ago, I knew what to do. After the break in, I completely stopped carrying a checkbook and cash.

James brought the mail in this afternoon, and handed me an odd looking envelope. It was crumpled up and the handwriting looked like a child's. I opened it, and it was the contents of the PDA case, minus the PDA of course. It doesn't do me a lot of good now. The cards are no good - the account numbers have been changed, I've already replaced my driver's license. Odd that it was sent back - almost a month after it was lost. The PDA is not a real loss either. . .I got while I was a student. It had gotten where it ran very slow and that made it difficult to use.

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