Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daisy turned 10 this year.

In August, we celebrated 9 years with our Daisy.  She was about a year old when we brought her home from the Human Society, so we think she is about 10 years old.  She given us a few worries this year, which culminated in her having a liver biopsy early this summer.  Her liver enzymes had been running high for over a year, and we'd done a lot of testing on her.  I wrote about what tests we'd had done and finding out what she did not have here: What's ailing Daisy?

After her liver biopsy, we found out that she has a benign condition called Vacuolar Hepatopathy.  I had never heard of the disorder before.  Basically her liver cells are getting clogged up with fat and metabolic wastes. She's taking two medications for it. One is a liquid that we can squirt on her food and the other is a chewable tablet that she has to be coaxed into taking.  We are really thankful that she doesn't have a life-threatening condition. She's not had any symptoms of illness.

From her behavior, it is hard to believe that she is 10. She is still very active, and she loves to play with Lily. I still catch her dragging Lily across the floor by her tail.

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