Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer Recap

Here's our summer in a nutshell:

In June, we celebrated our 11th anniversary and James' first Father's Day.  

We got to meet Matt Holliday at a charity event.

In July, we went to Arkansas to celebrate my mom's birthday. 

Samuel went swimming for the first time while we were there. He enjoyed himself, but he only wanted to stay in the water for about 15 minutes. He's been swimming twice since then, and he's staying in the water longer now. He just started a little swim class at our YMCA that will meet once a week for a month and a half.

James' parents came to visit for a few days. While they were here, James and I went out for dinner and a show at The Muny. We saw the musical "Dreamgirls."  James, his dad, and I went to two Cardinal's games - and it was hot! I left my seat towards the end of the second game and watched the rest of it on the TV in the air conditioned game shop.  The temperature stayed in the 90's for the duration of both games. About a week shy of turning six months old, Samuel started eating solid foods. He is doing great with them. I've been making some of his food, but I have used some store bought baby food - particularly for things like pears and apples that are more time consuming to prepare yourself.  I've prepared yellow squash, zucchini, bananas, avocado, sweet potatoes, peaches and carrots for him.

In August, we took Samuel to play at our local park for the first time. He is sitting up well enough now to use the little swings. He fell asleep swinging.

My parents come to visit, and we took Samuel to the St. Louis Zoo. Samuel slept for a while at the zoo. 

We had a fabulous lunch that day at Pappy's. One of the waitresses gave Samuel the little blue T-shirt that James is holding in the photo. It says "Who's your Pappy?"  While my parents were here, we also went to Skyview Drive-In just across the river in Illinois. We saw the new Borne film.

It was a fun summer, and we are thankful for the time we had with our families!

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