Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had the chance to go to Louisiana this year for Thanksgiving. Most of James' family lives in northern Louisiana. My parents, who live in Arkansas, were also able to join us for a few days. We stayed for about 4 days, and we had a good visit. The car ride was not so good. It is a long trip, and I certainly understand that riding in the car all day is no fun for a baby. Our next road trip is coming up soon, and I am already praying for Samuel to have a fun time in the car. 

 No Black Friday shopping for us. I can't deal with the crowds and insanity, but good for those you who can take advantage of the deals. We spent Black Friday taking family photos.  Here are some of the funny out-takes.  
 Not quite sure what my husband is doing on the tree there.

 I was trying to get some photos of Samuel and his cousin. This was my first attempt at taking photos of two babes at once, and it was hard. 

James and I spent the Saturday after Thanksgiving with his grandmother. We took her to see the new Lincoln movie, and she took us to dinner.  We all really enjoyed the movie. It was the first time James and I had been to see a movie since we brought Samuel home.

Sunday, we tried to keep Samuel in the church service with us, but he got mad when I wouldn't let him crawl around on the floor and go trucking along from pew to pew. I took him to the nursery and played with him in there. We'd made plans to meet James' cousin Stephen and his wife Elizabeth for lunch.  We also ran into one of his other cousins at the same restaurant, and we all ate together.  We had a really fun lunch outside on the patio - especially after one of the kids grabbed some berries from a shrub and stuffed them down James' pants!  James was wearing pants that were way too loose, and all of a sudden he started doing an odd dance. We asked him what he was doing, and he said he had berries in his pants. We all (James included) got a good laugh over that.

 Sunday night we had the chance to catch up with these fine folks:
My sister-in-law is holding Samuel, and next to her is her twin sister and her family. We met for dinner at Johnny's Pizza. It was so good to get the chance to catch up!

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  1. James climbing a tree... awesome. Sounds like you had a good holiday.