Monday, March 11, 2013

First Birthday - Dr. Suess Style

Last month, we had the joy of celebrating Samuel's first birthday.  The theme for his party was Dr. Seuss. It is hard to find ready made Dr. Seuss party decorations, so I made a lot of the things we used myself.  I found a lot of great ideas online, so I though I'd share what I made in case someone else could use the ideas.

Here's the invitation. I found the idea for the invitation here.  I used Photoshop to add the text and the photo of Samuel. Printed these out at home to save a little money.
The cake was made at Susie G's Cakes.  They did a great job & the cake was really yummy.

The Seussian Food:

Deviled green eggs.  My mom made these by adding green food coloring to this recipe

Yertle's Caramel Turtle candies.
Roast Beast Sandwiches. James smoked a pork shoulder for these.

Grin-itch Spinach Dip (in the chaffing dish). I used this recipe. Very good.

Beezle-Nut Juice and cupcakes.  The punch is made from mixed berry Kool-Aid and 7-up.
The blue topping on the cupcakes is cotton candy. I didn't know where to buy it. The only place I'd ever seen it for sale lately is sporting events.  I found it at a party supply store.  I had to buy it in a bag with other colors, not just blue.  I put the left over cotton candy in a bowl and served it at the party. I couldn't find red cupcake liners at the grocery stores around here, so I ordered them from Amazon.
I made all the signs for the food by scanning images from Dr. Seuss books and adding text to the image in Photoshop. They are printed on card stock.
This is the decoration we made for the front door. I used two unpainted wooden plaques and a number one that I found at Michael's.  I painted the three pieces and James put the hardware on them and drilled holes for the ribbon.  I used hooks to secure the number one to the plaques, and it can be changed out with different numbers.  We'll use this again next year.

The party favors:
 I didn't want to give candy or little toys away as favors, so I decided to make bookmarks.  The only thing that I had to buy to make these was a spool of ribbon. I had everything else at home.  This is taken for a page of "There's a Wocket in my Pocket."

 Decorations for the dining room:
 The photo banner is made from a photo from each month of Samuel's life. I printed the pics out of home. I did have to buy a color ink cartridge, which was about $30, but would have cost twice that to have thirteen 8 x 10 photos printed out.

 We had a great time celebrating with our friends and family!

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  1. Samuel's first birthday party was wonderful and so special since much of it was made just for his day. The food was great, and the decorations and favors were fab. We really enjoyed it, but more important than that, Samuel had a ball. Kudos to you, Stephanie and James, and all who helped.