Friday, October 4, 2013

Eva's first Cardinals Game

On Sunday 9/15, we took the kids to see the Cardinal's play the Mariners. This was our first time to take both of them. It was an afternoon game, which interfered with Samuel's nap. I didn't know how they would do, so we got cheap seats so it wouldn't be a big loss if we had to leave early.  The bleachers are a nice place to sit if you have kids with you. They offer a little more leg room, and there is more space underneath the seats to tuck your belongings away than in the regular seats.

As for finding healthy food at the ballpark - there is one vendor that sells fresh deli sandwiches and fruit, but it wasn't close at all to our seats. I've found that it is simpler to pack my own food. I took apple and an orange for a snack. I took bottled Diet Lipton Tea to drink.  I'm glad that the fan are allowed to bring their own food inside the stadium. It makes a trip to the ballpark more affordable, and it keeps me from stressing over finding something that I won't regret eating.

A worried little Cardinal's fan. He was getting tired. Just one more out and then we can go home with a win! The Cardinals won 12-2.


  1. How precious and how brave of you and James to try such an outing. Good for you and good for Eva and Samuel

  2. Love this entry. My sweet little redbirds at Eva's first game at the stadium!