Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday!

  It's hard to believe that it has been three years since we got the phone that changed our lives forever.  Samuel is such a joy to us.
 I was sad for him to have a birthday in the wintertime, because I have a winter birthday. I didn't like it much as a kid. The weather was usually yucky, so I couldn't have my party outside.  I was really glad when Samuel wanted to have a snowman party this year.
 I got the cupcakes from Whole Foods, and they were very tasty - and very affordable. They were just over $1 each.  I got some of the decorations at after-Christmas sales and I made the rest. Disney missed the mark on marketing Frozen themed items for little boys. All of the party decorations that I could find were very girly.  If I had been able to find plates and party hats with Olaf and Sven on them, I probably would have bought them. I managed to track down Olaf though! He was a hard character to find in St. Louis, but I finally found him through a friend. He was provided by Once Upon a Party. That company was great to work with, and they even sent Olaf with a gift and card for Samuel. Olaf and his assistant played a couple of game with the kids.
The first game was "building a snowman." The kids wrapped each other in toliet paper.
 The second game was stick-the-nose on Olaf. Samuel decided that he wanted to stick his paper nose on Daddy instead of Olaf.
Eva Kate had no problem posing with Frankenstein at Halloween, but she didn't want to pose with Olaf. I had to get in the photo with her. Next, it was time for presents and birthday cake.
 Samuel was given two sled for his birthday, but no snow. He is still getting to play with them inside though. One of them has become a little boat that he and Eva pull around - or get pulled around in themselves.
We were blessed to have all four of our parents in town for his party, and we had several of our friends join us as well.  Thank you all - you made the day special for Samuel!

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