Friday, June 15, 2007

The photo montage

As promised, a post about the photo montage that we made for James' parents for their anniversary. We used Photoshop and Adobe Premier Elements, which James gave me for our anniversary last year. Almost all of the pictures were not digital, so they had to be scanned. I went through about 2000 photos - I'm not exaggerating at all. For a few days, after we were done, I didn't want to see another photo! Haha. After I chose which pictures to use, we chose songs. We have about 300 pictures that were going on the DVD, and we had 6 songs. The pictures started with wedding photos and came all the way to a few from this year.

My advice if you want to do this kind of thing yourself:
1) name your pic files in chronological order from the start using the following format yyyy/mm/dd. That will keep everything in order, instead of having all the birthday pics together and all the Christmas pics together.

2) If you use text on your pics, don't put in on the edge of the photo. The DVD looked fine on our TV, but not all TVs have the same resolution, so some of the text of the edges got cut off when we watched it on a different TV.

3) We had most of the pictures paced at 5 seconds each, which was almost too fast for the 1 st time viewing.

4) The more pictures the better. We had about 300, and ended up with a 30 minute DVD.

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