Saturday, May 10, 2008

In St. Louis

We've in St Louis for a few weeks now. We closed on our new house 4/30 and we're living with only what we really need for now. We've had the interior of the house repainted. No, we didn't do it ourselves. We hired a painter. James doesn't enjoy painting much, and I only like to paint when I don't have to use a ladder. We're really happy with the results. We're waiting to have our furniture delivered until we get the flooring downstairs replaced. It's half pergo and the rest in really worn our carpet and vinyl flooring. We're having it replaced with hardwood. It'll be at least 2 weeks before that's done.

We have one 2 qt sauce pan, one kitchen knife, and one large spoon. Here's what I've cooked with just those items. (We do have a stove, range and microwave.)

1) taco salad
2) spaghetti with meat sauce
3) hot roast beef sandwiches with au jus.

We have been out to eat twice this week - mostly because I ran out of ideas!

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