Monday, October 13, 2008

My 2 cents on politics

Well, I'm not excited about this upcoming presidential election at all. I don't want to vote for either main candidate. If McCain wins, (which seems doubtful), I'm afraid we're going to be in Iraq for for more years - and be paying taxes on our health care benefits?? Please explain to me how taxing our health care benefits that we receive from our employers is going to solve the health care situation in the US. And what about Sarah Palin? A heartbeat away from the presidency. Do you really want her to be running the free world if she had to? It makes me kinda nervous to be honest. If Obama wins, I think we'll be paying higher taxes, but we might get out of Iraq. Obama is really liberal, and people are hypnotized by his promises of change. I think you better be careful what kind of change you wish for - because he might really change the face of this nation. After 4 years of an Obama administration we might not think that FDR was much of a socialist after all.

So much talk of change, but there's only one man that has the power to change this country. Christ, and the life changing power of the gospel. The bible tells us that it is God who appoints the leaders of the world. HE is ultimately in control of this world. Do not loss heart, for this election is in the grasp of HIS hand.

I think I'm going to be voting for a 3rd party candidate. I know, I know, throwing my vote away. I just cannot vote for either mainstream candidate with a clear conscience. Here is a list of who else is running if you are also disappointed with your choices this year:

Charles Baldwin (Constitution Party)
Ralph Nader (Independent)
Robert Barr (Libertarian)

Get out and vote, but more importantly pray for God to bestow His wisdom on the man who will be our next president.

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  1. Hey Steph.

    I hope I'm not out of line here, and I certainly don't want to start a huge political debate on your blog, but I'd like to offer my opinion. (We can certainly continue this by email if you like.)

    My suggestion is that you vote for McCain, and by "for McCain" I mean "against Obama". All of your concerns are valid. However, my opinion is that the concerns of Obama far outweigh the concerns of McCain.

    As far being in Iraq longer, consider that the military themselves strongly support McCain. These are the people that are actually out there putting their lives on the line, and they are voting for their boss, and they want McCain.

    Sarah Palin is indeed inexperienced, but so is Obama. People in general seem to forget that he is not only a first-term Senator, but he has spent most of that term campaigning. Palin at least has a couple of years of executive experience. And I'd rather have the primary candidate with experience than the secondary candidate.

    Also, remember that Obama is not only pro-choice, but pro-choice in the worst sort of way.

    Now having said all that, it's difficult for me to tell you not to vote for a 3rd-party candidate. In general, I feel that people should vote for whomever they feel is the best candidate. However, you're in a swing state. Your vote has more potential than my vote. I wish we had a system where you could vote for as many candidates as you wanted; then a 3rd-party candidate would have a chance. (If we did have such a system, I'd cast a vote for everyone except Obama.) But as it stands, either McCain or Obama will be president, so you might as well help decide between those two.

    I hope you consider my comments. Eight years ago, you helped sway me to vote for Bush when I was undecided.

    You're absolutely right though - God is in control.