Sunday, January 4, 2009

A plan for the new year

With both of us working, it is sometimes difficult to cook dinner after we get home. We end up ordering Chinese take-out or picking us fast food way too much. We both like to cook, but it turns into such a chore sometimes - especially grocery shopping. If it was cost effective, I would be all over a grocery delivery service.

I hope that we can turn a new leaf this year. I bought a cookbook a few years ago called Dinner's in the Freezer. The book give shopping tips and instructions for buying food in bulk and preparing it for use later. The recipes are designed where you prep the food, freeze it, then defrost it and cook it. I spent this afternoon making 4 recipes from the book. For three of the ones I made, you basically make a marinade and place it and your meat in a freezer bag, and freeze it. The meat is not cooked when you put it in the freezer. The forth recipe was for tacos. We are having that tomorrow, so I cooked the meat and put it in the fridge instead of freezing it.

I hope this works for us. I am getting tired of having to eat take out so often.

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  1. So have you used your new book to cook dinner yet? Do you like it? We need to quit eating so much take out as well!