Friday, January 23, 2009

The weather up here

Of things that I've missed about Baton Rouge, the weather has not typically been one of them. However, I enjoyed it this time of year. It usually didn't rain much, and it was starting to look a little like spring. Some of my bulbs would be starting to come out now, and it was not very cold. (It was never very cold anyway.)

I'm ready for spring, but we're supposed to have snow Monday. My skin is really dry from the cold weather. One day I got to work and noticed that one of my knuckles was bleeding, not because I had cut my hand, but because my skin had cracked. I'm not wearing my contacts as much because they get dried out from the wind and become uncomfortable. My lips were chapped so badly a few weeks ago that regular lip balm wasn't helping. I used Mary Kay Cosmetic's Extra Emollient Night Cream on my lips before I went to bed, and that did the trick. (The night cream is about as think as ointment is you're not familiar with the product. And no, it was not meant to be used as lip balm.)

Enough complaining. I love spring. It is so full of hope, new flowers, new baby birds, green grass, the outdoors come back to life after the dead of winter. It renews my hope of the New Earth.

In the meantime, I keep reminding how unpleasant it is to be without power in the summer because a hurricane has wiped out the electricity everywhere south of Alexandria and how it is not fun to have half of New Orleans in your town because New Orleans has become an extension of Lake Pontchartrain. Winter or hurricanes. . .I'd definitely rather have winter. I think we might have to have a King Cake shipped up here though!

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