Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Renovation Pics

Well, the renovation project was finally finished on Friday afternoon. We will NOT be using this contractor again, and we learned a few lessons about how to choose a contractor in the future. First of all, find out if the if person who comes to give you a bid is the person who will actually be doing the work. This was not the case for us this time, and I think we might have gotten a more realistic picture of how long it would take if the man who had come to do the bid had actually known how to lay tile, install a toilet, disconnect a faucet, and install a bathtub. Also, is it important to be home while the work is being done, and be observant about what is taking place throughout the day. I was a bit naive to think that a just because they said something was done that it was actually done. They told me that our smaller upstairs bathroom was ready to use again, but they knew that the faucet was broken, and didn't think it was important to tell me that. After that, we made sure that everything they had installed was in working order before they left our home for the day - - -like making sure the new toilets could flush without leaking and that the doors had been cut enough so that you could open and close the door with out is getting stuck on the rug.

Here are a few pics of the work along the way.

Half bath, sink and toilet removed

Bathroom upstairs, used to have wainscoting on the wall. I think the person who put the wainscoting in barely knew how to use a saw and a hammer. . .didn't look good.

Master bath, demo of old tub begun. I was little concerned about this hole in that wall that was left because they removed a step that used it be there, but it got patched up nicely.

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