Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So it's not finished after all. . .

Sunday before last, we were asked to host our small group with short notice. Good thing too, because we spent to afternoon tidying up. While we were cleaning the half bath, we noticed that the new baseboard behind the toilet was wet. The new toilet was leaking, and probably had been leaking since it had been installed. . .so about 12 days. James was able to stop the leak. I called the foreman the next morning.

He sent someone new to us over here that evening. There were 5 other things that needed to be fixed. Ralph was supposed to fix these things, but he had already put me off for 4 days . . .telling me each day that he would be here. Ralph never showed, he has been fired by the foreman.

Here's what needed to be done. . .we found more things as late as this morning.
  • the grout on the wall in the guest bath did not dry to a uniform color, and it should have
  • the grout on the floor in out the master bath and the laundry room was chipping up in a few places. This meant that two tiles in the master bath had to be removed and replaced.
  • the closet door in the guest bath needs to be trimmed because it scrapes the floor.
  • the access panel that installed for the tub is coming loose from the ceiling in the kitchen.
  • the grout around the new tub is cracked
  • the base of the toilets need to be caulked
Here is a picture of the grout that should be the same color, but it is not uniform. The blue arrow indicates one of the worst places.

So far today, the grout has been removed from this part of the wall, the rotten wet baseboard has been replaced, the tiles in the master bath that needed to be replaced have been, & the cracked grout around the tub has been removed.

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