Sunday, March 14, 2010

Easter Decorations

I love Easter and springtime.  On Saturday I decided to put a few of our Easter decorations out.  I had considered not decorating this year because we are not hosting Easter dinner at our house this year.  The house looked a little bare though, so I got a few of them out. 

 Living Room
Dining Room
You may be wondering what the story is behind these unusual bunnies.  They came from The Mustard Seed in Jackson, Mississippi.  The Mustard Seed is a Christian organization that serves the needs of mentally challenged adults.  One of their fundraisers is pottery that is decorated by the adults that live in their group homes.  They have a gift shop, and you can even order online.  They sell ceramic crosses, bakeware, coffee cups, vases, birds, frogs, angels, and other items.  I really like these bunnies.  They are so unusual and colorful, and they remind me that all people are God's handiwork. 

Notice the little colored eggs in the candle holder.  Those are M&M candies.  James was making a list out for the grocery store on Saturday and I asked him to pick up some kind of pink or pastel candy that was hard, like M&Ms or jelly beans.  I told him that I wanted to put the candy in the candle holder in the dining room.  He came home from the store with three different packages of candies.  One was pink Peeps, another was little chocolate eggs wrapped in pastel foil, and the last was the M&Ms in the picture.  I asked him why he bought the Peeps - neither of us care for them, and what a mess that make in the candle holder.  He said, "You asked for pink candy."  I guess I should have been more clear when I told him what I wanted the candy for!

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