Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nine Years Ago

(The photo is one of our wedding pics.  Kevin Beasley was our photographer, and he was awesome!)
Nine years ago today my life became meshed with another.  James, I wouldn't trade these nine years for anything.  I'm thankful you are my husband, and I thought I'd share some memories that we've made together.

  • Remember when we brought Daisy home for the first time?  What a trip that was.  I'd been living in Memphis all summer, then we went to Florida for a week - then back to Louisiana for a friend's wedding. . .while in LA we got Daisy from your parents. . .then finally back to Little Rock.  The car was so full that the only place for Daisy was either under my feet or in my lap.  It is a wonder that she enjoys car rides after that trip from Louisiana to Little Rock.
  • Remember going out to Brave New Restaurant to celebrate my first job offer?  I had gotten a call after class that day from Albertson's and accepted.
  • Remember our first day with Lily?  I had driven to Evening Shade to pick her up.  You didn't have any vacation to spare.  You asked for her as soon as you walked in from work.  She was so tiny that you didn't see on the sofa at first.
  • Remember our first visit to Busch?  That was about a year before we got married, and it was my first major league game.  The Cards were playing the Marlins, I think. . .or was it the Mariners?
  • Remember when we both ordered beer for the first time at a restaurant?  It was at Bosco's in Memphis.  Neither of us like it much then, and I still don't.  You developed a taste for it during our years in Baton Rouge.
  • Remember when I drove home from work while Hurricane Rita was raging?  I had no umbrella to use, and even I'd had one it would not have made much difference.  Umbrellas are not meant for hurricanes.  I got totally soaked walking from the pharmacy to the car, and I asked you to meet me in the garage with a clean set of clothes - everything, undies, socks, and all.  You got quite a laugh out of that.  Everything was so wet I left it in the garage to dry out before I brought it inside to wash it.
  • Remember sleeping in the closet on an air mattress our first right in our house in Baton Rouge?  We didn't have any furniture or curtains there yet, and there was no window in the closet, so it was dark in there.  Daisy was with us too.
  • Remember when you played that song "New York City" for me?  We were in NYC, and had just gotten back to our hotel after a fun, but exhausting day.   That made me smile. Here's a bit of the song:
Statue of Liberty, Staten Island Ferry, Co-op City, Katz's and Tiffany's 
Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, The Empire State where Dylan lived 
Coney Island and Times Square, Rockefeller Center
Wish I was there

'Cause everyone's my friend in New York City
And everything looks beautiful when you're young and pretty
The streets are paved with diamonds and there's just so much to see
But the best thing about New York City is you and me
  • Remember the day I got home from Haiti?  Yeah.  So do I.
I love you.  Here's to rest of our life.

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  1. What a sweet post! I thought you two were made for each other from the first time I ever saw you together. Blessings for many, many more years!