Friday, July 16, 2010

What we've been up to

It has been several weeks since I've linked up for Company Girl Coffee.  These past several weeks have been busy, and we had to deal with un unexpected turn of events. My husband and I celebrated our night wedding anniversary.  I have a couple of posts about it here.  Then we went on vacation.  I thought it would be nice to have one last trip together before we had kids.  We took a road trip out west.  Our destination was Yellowstone, and we had planned to spend the night in Rapid City, South Dakota on the way there and then in Denver on the way home.  Our first full day in Yellowstone, we had scheduled a full day of horseback riding.  That is when things went south.  The first 2/3 of the day was fine, except that James' horse was not in a great mood.  He wanted to get off the trail and turn around and go the other way.  We stopped for lunch mid-day and then we rode for another hour or two.  Then something spooked James' horse and it took off running.  James fell off, but he was not injured too badly. All that commotion spooked my horse and he took off too.  I pulled the reins back as hard as I could, to no avail.  I fell off and hit the ground hard.  James came running.  I was pretty sure my left ankle was broken, but before I could to a hospital, we had to get back to the road-on horseback.  Riding a horse for three hours with a broken leg and broken ankle was miserable.  I was terrified to even get back on the horse, but there was no other option.  I did switch horses with our guide, which made me feel a little better.  Our guide also tied my horse to hers, so I would not have to steer the horse.  I prayed throughout the ride for God to keep the horses calm, and I was so thankful when we made it back to our car.  I had surgery the next morning and then we got to go back to the park the day after that.  We made the best of it, and we still had the chance to see some breathtaking scenery.

I've been spending my time at home.  I had to take short-term disability leave at work.  Last week, my parents and grandmother came and stayed with us for several days.  They were a big help.  They did the laundry, cooked, cleaned, and my dad helped James with the yard work.  I've been working a project that I started several years ago.  I thought this would be a nice time to finish it.  Here's an old post about it:  a quilt in the making.

We're going to try to go see a movie tonight.  I've felt good today, so I hope I can make it.  I haven't left the house since Sunday, and I'm ready for an outing.

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  1. Oh, I hope you're able to finish the quilt....looks like if would be a wonderful heritage quilt w/all those older materials! What better time to work on it when you're laid up....hope your leg heals back a bit and saw your adoption stuff...we adopted 7 but they were all local...not sure I could go all the way to Ethiopia!