Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daisy's 9th Birthday

Yesterday was Daisy's 9th "birthday."  We got her from the humane society when she was probably about a year old.  We brought her home for the first time on August 18th, 2002.  We all got cupcakes to celebrate.
The doggies had strawberry cupcakes.  If you are wondering what we usually fed the dogs, they rarely ever get to eat anything besides their dog food.

Lily had her own cupcake too, and she was much neater with her treat than Daisy was with hers.  By the time Daisy had finished her cupcake, there was pink icing smeared on the floor and the fireplace.  Lily managed to keep her cupcake on the plate.

Daisy is a great pet.  Her life didn't have a glamorous beginning.  I was with James' grandmother one day and mentioned something about wanting a dog.  She had been volunteering at the humane society in her parish for years, and she said that she had just gotten the sweetest little collie in.  I was hesitant because I knew James didn't want a dog, and I thought a collie might be too big to be happy in the apartment that we were living in at the time.  Knowing her grandson's affection for dogs better then I did, she talked me into taking him to the shelter to have a look at her.  Of course he wanted her after met her, but she needed some veterinary care.  She had mange on her face and one of her hips had been broken.  There wasn't much that could be done about the hip.  It had healed on it's own, and she had a bit of limp.  She has arthritis now, but she is still pretty active.

She was mischievous when she was younger.  She liked to chew things, especially things that we not hers.  She learned how to unzip my backpack and get my phone out.  She chewed the buttons off of one of James' shirts - that he had never worn before.  After we got Lily, that kind of behavior stopped - she just needed a companion.


  1. What a lucky dog! The picture is fabulous! You should have it framed for sure! Hugs!

  2. Awwww... could Daisy be any cuter? How sweet! I can't WAIT to follow your journey with your referral call:) Isn't it the most exciting thing?