Thursday, August 12, 2010

An unusual dream

This year, James and I spent Memorial Day weekend with his parents in Louisiana.  Sunday morning, May 30th,  I woke after a most unusual dream.

I dreamed that James and I were in a foreign country.  I don't know where we were, but the architecture was similar to what you see in Mexico and parts of the Caribbean.  I was pregnant, and near my due date.  I was in a hospital in labor.  James was not with me, but I knew where he was.  Someone from the hospital went to get him.  In the delivery room with me, there was no doctor, no nurse, no IV, no fetal monitor, not even a stethoscope.  There was one woman with me.  She was a nun, dressed in white garments.  She served as a midwife.  James arrived at the hospital, but he did not want to come inside the delivery room.  (Which is not like him at all.  Anytime I have needed medical care, he has been right beside me.  He even slept in a recliner beside my bed one night at the hospital in Montana so I could hold his hand during the night.)  The baby was delivered.  We had a healthy baby girl, I didn't see much of her before I woke up.

My first thought after I woke us was, "I wonder if our daughter was born today on the other side of the world?"   
Or was she relinquished at an orphanage today?
Was she conceived today?
Is her birthmother sick?

After James woke up, I told him about the dream.  Maybe it didn't mean anything.  Maybe we will never know if May 30th was a significant day in Samantha's life.  One thing that dream did do for me was make Samantha feel real.  It has been so hard for me to pray for her sometimes, because the thought of her has seemed so abstract. . .so far away, like we'd never make it to the end of this adoption journey.  Now that has changed.  It is so much easier to pray for her.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad for the reality that dream gave to you. Perhaps one day you will know if any of the above did happen on May 30th. Blessings to you and James as you continue to wait. Hugs!

  2. Love that dream. I had a dream about Jonathan before he was born. Dreamed that he was a boy and sure enough he is! It is peaceful to have those dreams. Looking forward to meeting sweet Samantha some day soon!!