Friday, September 10, 2010

We said yes!

We had two weeks after receiving our referral for Samantha last week to turn in our acceptance papers.  James hand delivered them to our social worker's office this afternoon.  We took pictures while we signed the papers.  These will go in Samantha' scrapbook.  (I have blurred out info in the photos that I couldn't post online.)

The only reason we did not turn these in sooner was that we had asked an international pediatrician to review Samantha's medical records.  We learned about this physician through our agency.  She spoke at a training seminar that we were required to attend.  She called us back last night. We had thought about most of the things that she mentioned to us, and she alleviated some of our concerns.  We are praying that Samantha will grow and become stronger while we are waiting to bring her home.

If you are adopting internationally and are looking for a pediatrician who specializes in treating international adoptees, you can find a list of doctors here.  The doctor that we are working with will work with families that do not live in the area.  We emailed her Samantha's medical records and she called us, so all that can be done without traveling to her office. 

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  1. Love it!! So very exciting! And a great memory for her book.