Sunday, September 26, 2010

What makes you cheer?

Ever since this spring, I have felt my interest in professional and college sports wane.  I think my trip to Haiti had a lot to do with it.  After visiting with people who were living off of $2 a day, and seeing how content they were with their worldly possessions, I began to think more about what is important in life.  If you are a Christian, the gospel of Christ should be the most important thing in your life.  SO many days it doesn't feel like that is what is driving me - but I want to feel that way.

We live in the best baseball city on the planet.  I love going to the games, even if I'm not a Cardinals fan.  Well, I used to love going to the games. . .now I find myself trying to find a cheaper date night alternative for me and James.  I used to watch entire games on TV, but I haven't watched a whole game all season long.  I used to get disappointed in the fall if we couldn't go to a Razorbacks game. . .now I'd rather not spend the money.

I still keep up with the teams that I'm interested in, but I don't follow them closely.  I know you can use sporting events as a time to fellowship and there are ways to minister through them.  That was never our practice though.  While I do like to see the Saints win, you will never, ever hear me saying "I bleed black and gold."  I will never, ever wear a T-shirt that says "The Razorbacks (or any other sports team) are Everything."  What would happen if Christians got as passionate about Christ as they did SEC football?  What would happen if Christians could recite Scripture from memory just as easily as they recite sports statistics?  What would happen if Christians spent as much money supporting missionaries as they do on football? 

This post at Babe of my Heart sums up what I'm talking about:  What Life is REALLY All About

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