Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Weekend Recap

Valentines' Day usually isn't a grand occasion around here, but we had fun celebrating this year.  Friday night we got a coupon for a sushi place we'd never been too, and we had dinner there.  The name of the restaurant is The Drunken Fish.  It is a local place, and it was the best sushi we've had since visiting NYC in 2009.

Saturday night we did a little experimenting in the kitchen, and we came up with a tasty new pasta dish.  We had that for dinner with a bottle of wine while we watched "Mama Mia."  James was a pretty good sport watching the chick flick.  I did catch him playing chess on his iPhone once, but that's ok.

We don't like to go out for dinner on Valentine's Day.  We did it a couple of time when we were dating, and the restaurants are all just too busy.  I'd rather cook and have a nice dinner at home.  Some years we have picked up Chinese take-out and had that on our china at home.  James and I cooked dinner together this year. 
This is how I originally had the table set.
James came home with flowers!  He gave me roses on our first Valentine's day in 1999, and I think this was the first time since then.  He gives me other types of flowers from time to time, just not roses.  I love that he found a bouquet that had a lavender rose in it.  I had lavender roses in my bouquet when we got married.  It is a little hard to find them.
 Here's what we had for dinner:

Scallops in Vermouth Cream
I originally found that recipe in a cookbook from Southern Living called Easy Weeknight Favorites
Roasted Brussels Sprouts I'm not a big fan of Brussels sprouts, but these are so good!
Carrot Souffle
Multi-grain Rolls (not homemade)

For dessert:
I made the chocolate covered strawberries, and James got the ice cream at Whole Foods.  If you've never had it, I know green tea ice cream sounds awful.  I tried it once at a Japanese restaurant, and I love it now.  The coconut milk gave this a great flavor.

I hope you all had a great day with the one you love!


  1. I am very impressed. I cooked filet mignon and all the trimmings, but I did not get out the good china! Your pictures could be used in a magazine. Maybe I am prejudiced;-)

  2. What a lovely celebration! I agree with Fay, your photos could be used in a magazine.

    Love sharing in your life through your blog!

    Love you!