Sunday, February 13, 2011

A "Welcome Home" Party

On Friday, James and I had the chance to witness the homecoming of a little boy that we had been praying for since we met his parents, about a year and a half ago.  We met his mom and dad at a training seminar that we were required to go to by our adoption agency.  At the time, I really didn't want to go to the training.  It was going to last all day, and it was on a Saturday in September '09.  We'd been very busy that month, and the training meant another busy weekend.  I'm so glad we went to it, because that is where we met our friends, Jack and Dana.  They had turned in their application the same day that did, before we even knew each other.  Our paper work was sent to Ethiopia on the same day, and we had hoped to travel to pick up our kids together.  God had other plans.  We rejoice with them as we continue to wait.  We are so happy that their Joseph is home with them now.
There was quite a crowd of people gathered at the airport, aunts cousins, grandparents, and friends.  Another traveler asked us who was coming home.  It was obvious we were anticipating someone - welcome home signs, ballons, gifts, and lots of cameras and kleenex.  It is such a miracle when a family is formed, either through birth or adoption.  It was hard to believe that the day we had all prayed about for so long was finally here.  What an encouragement it was for us to see the fruit of obedience to God's call for this family.

Joseph was pretty laid back most of the time.  I'm sure he was a little overwhelmed.  A crowd of white folks with flashing cameras, other travelers passing by, and lots of attention.  After everyone had said their hellos, Joseph noticed two African American airport employees.  He was kinda interested in them.  I'm guessing he was intrigued because they looked like him. 

I'm glad James and I both had the chance to be there.  It gave us some logistical things to think about when it's our turn.  We're hoping that our parents can meet us at the St. Louis airport when we come home.  It's not an enormous airport like O'hare or Atlanta, but it is much bigger than the airports in their respective towns.  It is confusing driving there.  It gives me a headache!  I just have to resign to the fact that I am going to get lost, I am going to have to drive a circle around the airport before I find the place I'm looking for, and that I am not going to remember how in the heck to get back to my car when my business in the airport is finished.  A map would help the average person, but I'm not the average person.  It's been over 4 years since James has asked me to read a map for him, that's how good I am with them.  I'd like to find away to make the experience less stressful for our parents when they come to meet us.  We've tossed a few ideas around, and I hope we come up with a good plan.

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