Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

We spent Christmas Eve at our house this year. We had a fun day opening presents, finishing last minute shopping, & cooking. We are so thankful for all we have to celebrate this Christmas - my 16th Christmas with James, two kids that are a joy that we waited a long time for, and birth of our Forgiveness, Love Himself, The Lion of Judah that became The Sacrifice.
James laughed at some of the items I stuffed the kid's stocking with, but it was stuff that Samuel picked out. I took him to the dollar store with me one day & I bought most of what he picked out - except for the six packets of Kleenex that he tossed in the shopping cart.  They both got shampoo with Elmo on the bottle, bubble bath, toothbrushes,  puffs & Gerber Yogurt Melts along some clothes that I embroderied for them.
The gift that Samuel liked best was his bottle of Mr. Bubbles. He recognized the bottle, and exclaimed "Bubble, bubble!"  He wanted to take it upstairs right away and take a bath. We convinced him to finish opening his gifts though.
I have to give a shout out to the esty shop BuellsBeauties, where James bought my gift. It is a wooden growth chart with the children's names and our last name painted in it. I love it & the work is beautiful.  Here is the link to the shop:
Eva loved the wrapping paper most of all.
I gave James a Van De Graff Generator. You know, that thing at the science museum that you touch & it makes your hair stand up. He had asked for one & he was happy to receive it. He had a little fun with yesterday.  There is a photo below where you can see the arcing occuring.
Samuel with my new "mittens"as he called them. They are cycling gloves for the winter.


  1. How cute and what a great Christmas for a wonderful family. Safe travels!

  2. Wonderful blog of your Christmas at home. Looking forward to your coming to LA. Be safe.