Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 We celebrated Thanksgiving a few days early this year so my parents could be with us. James fried a turkey, which came out great. The kids' favorite part of dinner was the Sweet Potato Brulee. Samuel asked for it for dinner every night until it had all been eaten.

 Cute outfits from James' parents. Thanks, Mawmaw and D!
 Samuel chose those pumpkins when we took him to the pumpkin patch in October. He had fun playing with them.
 My mom gave Samuel a roll-up pouch for his crayons. He likes to use it.

 Samuel's craft from day care.
 Mom made those cute hats for Eva, but Samuel wanted to wear one too. He's learned how to say "hat" & I likes to wear them. Eva wore her Christmas hat to church last Sunday.  Thanks, Nana!
We had a great visit, and we are so thankful for the time we had together!


  1. They couldn't be any cuter if they tried!!! The matching outfits are absolutely darling. What a special time with your parents. So, so happy for you and James!

  2. What fun looking at your wonderful Thanksgiving with your parents, Steph. The kids are so cute. I love the hats and the crayon keeper your mom made. She is so clever. We are getting Samuel and Eva Kate fever NOW. Cannot wait to see those sweeties, and you and James, too. LOL