Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a lovely Easter. The weather was beautiful, and it was all the more the fun with two little ones this year. I dyed Easter eggs with Samuel & we hid them in the yard. It was so much fun for me to do that with him.
On Good Friday, we went to Shaw Nature Reserve and enjoyed the flowers, and the playground.
 Easter baskets - filled with some practical goodies, like pajamas and some fun, frivolous goodies.

On Saturday, we went to the Eggnormous Easter Egg at John Weldon Elementary. It was fun - and lots of eggs. 20,000 of them!  Eva Kate is almost walking. . .
 We have the best neighbors! Someone on our street is the resident Easter Bunny, and we are all suprised to find  our front yard filled with Easter Eggs on Sunday Morning!  Samuel noticed them before we did & he started asking to go outside right after we got him up.  He had a ball & got to eat some goodies that we usually don't have on hand. Thank you so much to the Easter Bunny!

 She found a peep! The allure of these candies is lost on me. I never liked them as a kid.  They both like them, so I don't mind letting them have them on occasion.

 At church, we were blessed to witness a number of baptisms. It was a marvelous time of worship!

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