Sunday, November 16, 2014

Halloween Recap

 Better late than never, right?  Halloween was fun, but really cold this year. I dressed the kids in two layers, and I bought them mittens - which they actually wore!

 A fews before Halloween, we went over to our neighbor's house to carve pumpkins.
 The kids all thought this dancing skeleton was awesome!

 I carved Elmo, James carved a smiley face.

 Eva Kate was agreeable to sit in Frankenstein's lap for a photo, but Samuel wasn't. He was unsure.
The kids ate a hot dog for dinner, along with a few pieces of candy.  I put them to bed after they got too cold, and I grabbed the baby monitor and went back outside.  We had about 200 trick-or-treaters, and while we didn't have any candy left, we did have some stickers and apple cider left.

Here's some of the decorations from our street:

 Our house:
 We usually put our big screen up over the garage to show this movie, but it was too windy outside. We were afraid that the wind would rip the screen, so James just projected in onto the garage door.

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