Friday, May 7, 2010


Just before I left for Haiti, James and I met with a landscaper to get an estimate for replacing the "flower beds" in the front yard.  They are in such a mess, it is a stretch to call them flower beds.  That conjures up much too nice of a mental image.  We agreed on a price, and the landscaper is going to start working soon after we get the plants that are there out.  James removed three of the smaller bushes yesterday, here's what the yard looked like after that.

That tree is a dogwood tree, and we are keeping it along with the daylilies.  The yard doesn't look so bad from the photos, but there are lots of weeds and if you look closely, you will see where a round area of the grass was scorched during last week's crawfish boil.  Oh well, that grassy area is coming out too.

This sad little bush is in front of our garage.  It is so ugly.  Last spring, it was much larger, and much greener.  It was so big it was encroaching on the driveway, and my pants would get snagged in it when I walked by.  I got tried of that, so I decided to trim it.  I did not know that the green parts would not grow back.  It is going to be removed as well.

Today I spent about half an hour trimming the bushes down.  I did that so we could see where the base of the bushes were.  It started to sprinkle, so I had to call it quits, but I got a little done.

I found out that bush above was actually two bushes.

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  1. I can't wait to see "the after" pictures. You have such a lovely home and the landscaping will just be "icing on the cake."