Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The things we do for our pets. . .

Daisy is our Border Collie.  She's about 8 years old, and she was a rescue dog.  Her left hip had been broken before got her, but it hasn't bothered her much.  James took her to the vet for her annual shots in early April.  The vet did some blood work on her, and it revealed that her one of her liver enzymes was elevated.. We were concerned.  The elevation could be a sign of cancer, Cushing's disease, bone growth or bone degradation.  I took her in for X-rays on Friday.  She also had her teeth cleaned.  There was a tiny spot on one of her lungs that might be cancerous, so she'll be going back for x-rays again in a month to hopefully rule that out.  The vet is more concerned about her hip.  She has arthritis now, and that could be what is causing the elevated enzyme level.  The vet recommend that we put Daisy on a diet and do range of motion exercises with her.  We already monitor how much food she eats and we walk her when the weather permits.  We're supposed to fed her green beans now with her dog food.  I tried that for the first time today, and she was not impressed.  After smelling what was in her food bowl, she looked at me like I was crazy.  Lily enjoyed it very much, but she will eat almost anything - especially if it was not intended for her consumption.  Our vet prescribed a medication to treat Daisy's arthritis.  It's an injection, and it's not too costly.  After the initial loading dose, it'll only be about $100 a year.

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