Sunday, October 24, 2010


A quote from another adoptive mom-to-be:
"In the adoption world, Mondays are like Christmas morning . . . and then Friday is when you realize you've opened your last present and didn't get what you wanted. Its a vicious cycle."

On Mondays I wake up with the hope of hearing some news from our social worker. On Fridays at 5 pm, the work week draws to a close with the disappointment of another week passing without hearing a thing. Another week that our daughter has changed, grown, learned new things, and become more accustomed to the orphanage. Without us.


  1. Praying ya'll get some news really this week!!

  2. OH, my goodness, know this has got to be so heart wrenching for you. Praying that the Lord will see fit to work things out really, really soon and little Samantha will get to be in her your arms. What a day that will be! Hugs!