Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Lily

 Our Lily turned 6 years old today. We got her from a breeder in Northeast Arkansas just after I graduated from pharmacy school. No, she was not a graduation present. We had been waiting for her.  We had been on a waiting list with the breeder, and I will always remember getting the email telling us that she was ours. She is a spunky little dog. At least she is when she's around people she knows. She's rather shy around strangers. Unless you have a beer in your hand. Then she will be your buddy. Ha! I'm not kidding. She's torn up her fair share of shoes.  She got a hold of a pair of James' shoes one day several years ago, and she made such a mess that James waited to clean it up until after I got home from work. He didn't think I'd believe the awfulness of the mess that she had made unless I had seen it with my own eyes. He was right. There were pieces of the shoe strewn all over the living room. Lily is the snuggliest dog I've ever had. She will sleep by my feet all night long.
 We give the doggies cupcakes on their birthdays.  No, gasp, we are not the most fastidious pet parents ever.  This will probably mean that we will indeed give our kids an occasional chicken McNugget.  Gasp again.  I know.  We might as well let them eat wood and glue.  (Can you sense my sarcasm?)
Daisy got a cupcake too.  She ate the cake part first, and then she tried to eat the icing all at once.  That didn't work so well.
We love you, Lily!

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  1. We love Lily and Daisy, too. They are great doggies and are great together. Cannot wait to see my granddoggies (and my kids;-)!