Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can I get a do over for this week?

This week has been challenging.  I've had two big headaches to deal with on top of being worried about what's going on with our little girl.

The first thing was getting our dog, Daisy's medication refilled.  Sounds simple enough.  Oh no.  I realized over the weekend that the pharmacy had probably shorted us when they filled it.  She takes 1 ml a day, and I had asked for a six week supply.  I was charged for a six week supply on 4/21.  She ran out of medication last night.  I was able to get only 27 doses out of a bottle that should have had 45 doses in it.  I called the pharmacy on Monday and told them what was going on.  Of course they wanted to argue with me and insist that they had given me a 6 week supply.  The technician even told me that they "overfilled" the order for 47 mls, just to make sure that I'd have enough.  There was a problem with that.  Her medication came in a bottle that was only big enough to hold 30 mls.  I asked him to explain to me how he got 47 mls in a bottle that could only hold 30 mls.  He got the pharmacist then.  She apologized profusely for the mistake and said she'd compound what they owed us and send it out that day via overnight UPS at no charge to us.  I was satisfied with that.  Last night, when there was no sign of UPS, and decided that I'd give them until noon today, and then I'd call the pharmacy back to see what was going on.  I called them today at noon, and spoke with the pharmacist.  Again, she was very apologetic, but they had dropped the ball again.  They never compounded anything for us on Monday and they didn't UPS anything to us.  Well, that didn't make this pharmacist none too happy.  I voiced my displeasure and she assured me that I'd have the medication today even if she had to deliver it to my house herself.  I thanked her, but I told her that I was going to let the vet know what happened, since it was the vet that referred us to that pharmacy in the first place.  They did make things right today.  Someone was at my door at 2:45 with what they owed us plus enough for another month, and a $10 gift card to Petco.  I was impressed.  This medication isn't exactly cheap, and it was generous of them to give us a whole month's worth at no cost.  I'm still probably not going to use them again though.  I don't exactly trust them after this incident.  If I worked at a compounding pharmacy, I'd fill it myself.

The other headache I've been dealing with this week is my mobile phone.  That is my iPhone in the photo, and no I didn't really smash it, but I wanted to.  It is 2 and a half years old, and I've been having issues with it for a while.  The last time I talked to my mother-in-law on it, she could hard understand anything I said.  My mom told me that it sounded like I was talking into a bucket every time I called her.  Plus there was the whole issue of dealing with itunes.  What a lousy program.  Wanna put a song on your phone that is currently saved on your computer?  Well, first you have to let itunes sync your phone, update the software, and back up the phone before you can do that.  You might have the song on your phone three hours later.  Ugh.  Why do people put up with this??  I know there are people out there who think apple and Steve Jobs hung the moon.  I used to be one of those people.  Not anymore.  Not after owning an iPhone.  I currently have no plans to purchase another apple product.

James and I went to the AT&T store to get new phones just before Mother's Day.  We both got Motorala Atrix phones.  James got a refurbished phone, and he is loving it.  However, I decided to spend twice as much and get a new phone.  I am not loving mine.  It randomly turns itself off and restarts itself multiple times a day.  I'm still having issues with the outgoing call quality.  I've had a number of people tell me that there is a lot of static or an echo when I talk.  I've made two calls to AT&T's customer support this week, and I'm going to replace the phone tomorrow at the AT&T store.  I hope the next one works.

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  1. Stephanie, I LOVE your spunk! Girl, if more folks had the spirit to hold people/coupanies accountable, maybe the country would be performing on a higher standard! Don't put up with poor service/defective products! You go, Stephanie!!! Praying about our baby and for you and James, too.