Thursday, May 12, 2011

Waiting for news

It has been a little over 5 weeks since we received any news on Baby M or our adoption case. We are really hoping to hear that our case has been submitted to court in Ethiopia very, very soon. If it is not submitted soon, there is no way we are going to get to travel for court before the courts close in August for the rainy season. The courts close every year in Ethiopia for 6-8 weeks. If we don't get through court before then, it will mean that Baby M will have spent almost her entire first year of life in an orphanage before we get to bring her home. While she is at a very good orphanage, it is still not as good as one-on-one attention from mom and dad. I keep trying to tell myself that all this will work out in God's time, but I've been telling myself that for two years now. I'm ready for "God's time" to be right now! Most of families that we know of who got referrals around the same time we did have found out that their cases have been submitted to court, so I hope ours is soon!

In case you are wondering why it takes so long for a case to get submitted, it is because there are a number of documents that they court needs regarding the child's history. The court just recently started asking for all this information.

We are also hoping to get an update on Baby M. Our agency has been sending updates out to the waiting parents around the first of each month. Well, May is almost half over and we haven't heard anything yet. I do know that May 1st is Labor Day in Ethiopia, so people were probably off of work for a few days. Hopefully we will get some information soon.  We made arrangements to have a family that is leaving for Ethiopia on Tuesday take some photos of Baby M for us.  Their child is at the same orphanage, and we are really thankful that they volunteered to do that for us.

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  1. Oh, praying you case with get through the system before the courts close. I can't imagine how difficult all this waiting has been. Blessings abundant to you and James!