Friday, September 6, 2013

A comparison from last summer

I though I'd share another bit of my story with Weight Watchers.  Here is a photo from July 2012. This was Samuel's first time in the pool.

 There is really nothing flattering about that photo - except for Samuel's cute little self.

Here are two photos from this past July, about 1 year later.  This was my 9th month on Weight Watcher's, and I had lost 60 pounds. I've lost another ten pounds since these photos were taken.
James' mom gave me that swimsuit 12 years ago to take on my honeymoon.  It had been sitting in a drawer for several of those years because it didn't fit. I was glad to be able to use it this summer!
 I am currently within 25 pounds of my goal weight!

Here's some of the positive changes that have occurred as a result of my weight loss:
  • I had a check up with my doctor last week, and my blood work looks better than it has in a long time.  I've been able to stop taking three prescription medications that I had been taking.
  • I can shop at any store for clothes. I do not have to seek out stores that carry plus size clothing anymore.
  • I don't wince when I catch my reflection in a window or mirror or when I look at photos of myself.
  • I've got more energy and I'm able to be more active with my kids.
  • I don't see food as a reward anymore.  After a rough day, I used to turn to food as a reward for getting through the day.  We still have treats for special occasions, but I don't make excuses for easting unhealthy food like I used to or think that I earned it because I've had a bad day.
  • I found a new hobby - cycling. I had wanted to get a bike for a long time, but for safety reasons James wanted me to wait on purchasing a bike until I had lost some weight. We both got bicycles after I had lost 50 pounds.
  • I don't fear being the "fat girl" at events or wonder if I am going to be comfortable in the seats at a ballpark, theater, or airplane.
There are still some things about this process that are not easy. There are foods that I miss - like Papa John's pizza. We used to get it delivered occasionally and watch movies together. While Weight Watchers is flexible enough to incorporate a slice or two of pizza, I don't think I would stop at a slice or two. So we just don't order it anymore.  Sometimes it is still challenging to stay on track when we travel. In June, we took the kids to Louisiana so our family and friends there could meet Eva. She still was not sleeping through the night at the time, so I had the perfect storm of not sleeping enough, indulging in some local foods that are hard to find in St. Louis, and not making the time to exercise. I gained 6 pounds on that 4 day trip!  I lost it by the end of July, and it served as a learning experience.

I'm thankful for James' support. He has been willing to eat what I eat for dinner, and he's been generous in giving me time to exercise.


  1. Oh, what an inspiration Stephanie! You just look so, so good and all the other benefits are "the icing on the cake." Hang in there!

  2. You are am amazing woman, Stephanie. I am impressed that you have accomplished this during the time of having you first and then a quick second baby. Love, love, love that you have done this for yourself and most of all your family. You look so beautiful, but the best is the improvement in health and energy. Hugs and kudos to you, sweet DIL.