Sunday, September 15, 2013

How have things changed?

I've had several people ask me how we have adjusted to life with two kids. Here's one thing that we had to change very soon after we brought Eva home:
James' truck could not hold two car seats, and it was getting rather expensive to keep it gassed up. So, we went with something more fuel efficient. 
 It is a Nissan Versa. My parents got one about a year ago, and they have been happy with it, so we decided to look into getting one. James' parents bought his truck from us. Thankfully, we were able to get the Versa for slightly less than what we sold the truck for, so no car payment! We took both kids with us to the dealership when we bought the Versa. While I was waiting for James to get back from the test drive, I let Samuel walk around the lobby and I wore Eva. One of the women who was working there that day asked me how far apart my kids were.  I told her that they were 14 and 1/2 months apart. Sometimes people don't respond to that in a kind way, but this woman did. She was a mom too, and she was excited for us. Her kids are 11 months apart. She told me that things would for be hard for a little while, but it would start to be really fun.  What a nice encouraging word.

Another thing that we let go of was our YMCA membership. James didn't go there very often, but Samuel and I went several times a week. I was reluctant to give it up, but I could not justify the expense. It was almost $80/month. I found a less expensive gym that provides childcare while a parent is working out, but I haven't joined yet. Mostly because this has been calling my name:
Sometimes James watches the kids so I can go out for a ride.  On the weekends, I try to go in the afternoon while the kids are napping. Cycling has become my primary form of exercise. Sometimes I get to take this little guy with me:
The transition from one child to two children has been easier for us than the transition from no children to one child.  I second guessed myself a lot over every little thing with Samuel when he was a newborn.  We've both been more sure of what we're doing this time around. Our days are busier. Some days I don't feel like I've gotten much done besides feeding babies and changing diapers. There are days when I remind myself that all I *have* to get done for the day is keep the two kids fed and changed, eat my meals, and keep the two dogs set up with food and water. That doesn't sound too hard, but sometimes it is harder than it sounds folks. There are days when I wish my dogs would be more assertive with their needs. They don't give me many reminders. Neither of them will carry their empty water bowl around or scratch at the pantry door for dog food - and I could use the reminder sometimes. There are good days, fun days, rough days, and then there are the occasional days when I tell myself "It's T-minus 6 hours until reinforcements arrive. I can do this for 6 more hours." I'm really thankful to have a husband who will do anything to help with the kids.

We've had to tighten our budget. I found that Luv's and CVS brand diapers work just as well for our kids as Pampers did, and they are about 10 cents/diaper cheaper!  I've taken advantage of Craigslist and resale shops to purchase baby gear that we needed and clothing for all four of us. 

It takes more time to get out of the house, but it is getting a little easier than it was when Eva was a newborn.  We've had two fun outings with the kids lately, and we try to to spend some one on one time with Samuel everyday so he doesn't feel like he's left out. He thinks Eva is pretty neat, and she thinks he is very funny. It is fun to watch them together,and we can't imagine life without them.


  1. Oh, you two are just the best of the best parents and I'm so proud of you. Yes, I think when Eva is about a year to year and a half old that it will get so, so much easier. Samuel and Eva are two very blessed children! Happy new week!

  2. I totally agree with Lea. As your MIL, I see up close how great you and James are with your babies. In hindsight I see that during horrible disappointments in Ethiopia, God knew that those little ones were coming right near where you live, and that you and James were the right parents for them. So many Biblical examples come to me, but the story of Joseph, where God took what was meant for evil and made it good, AND Romans 8:28-29 also reminds me that HE makes good of bad, for those who love HIS and those who are called according to HIS purpose. Thanking God every day for all my grandchildren and their parents. It does get easier fairly quickly. Big hug.