Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Adoption Day!

Today marks the one year anniversary of the finalization of Samuel's adoption.  One year ago today, we had our final hearing at family court and he legally became our son.

James and I had today off work, so we took the kids to the zoo to celebrate.  It was Eva's first trip to the zoo. We all had a great day.

Brushing a goat

Inside the butterfly house

Samuel enjoyed the elephants, especially the little baby elephant. This was the smallest elephant I'd ever seen.


Samuel petted the guinea pigs. He called a number of the animals "Daisy" - which our dog's name. I think he thinks if you say that to an animal that it will come to you.  I tried to get a sheep to come over to us so we could pet it. He said "Daisy" - just as he would if he was calling for Daisy to come to him. The goats, sheep, and guinea pigs were part of the children's zoo. The kids got in for free, since they were both under the age of two. Admission for me and James was $4 each, and it was worth it.

When Samuel got up from his nap today, he had a surprise from Mommy and Daddy waiting for him:
It is a Power Wheels Harley Davidson

He's the first person in the family to own a Harley!
We are so thankful for you, Samuel!

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