Sunday, June 22, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Last Saturday, the weather was beautiful, so we decided to take the kid's to Grant's Farm for a little Father's Day fun. We had talked about going to the City Museum, but it sounds like our kids are still a bit young to enjoy that place.
Samuel petted a camel.
Both kids had their first taste of a snow cone.
All four of us rode the carousel. Samuel chose the blue dragon to ride.
Eva Kate wasn't sure about all the goats.  Samuel really had fun though. He said that feeding the goats was the most fun part of his day. Last summer, he was a little hesitant of them.

James wanted to go out for barbeque at Pappy's for lunch, so I didn't pack a lot of food for the kids - knowing that they both eat something off the menu at Pappy's. Well, it was 1:30 when we got to Pappy's and there was a line out the door that almost reached the street. Onto plan B - a different BBQ restaurant called Bogart's. Still safe with the kid's food supply that I had packed. There was a line out the door when we got there too.  We're both getting frustrated at this point. Onto plan C - head to South Grand where we have our pick of a number of ethic restaurants - none of which are ever packed full. However, I begin to wonder about what the kids might eat there. James decided to go to The King and I, which serves Thai food.  I really began to wonder what the kids might eat.  I can just imagine trying to convince Samuel that Pad Thai is a delicious thing to eat. Thankfully, they had a kid's menu. Samuel ate a crab rangoon with peanut sauce and a chicken nugget or two. Whew.

Eva Kate also tried a chicken nugget, but I think most of it ended up on the floor. She ate some of the food that I'd packed.
I had the papaya salad, which was very good and just spicy enough for me. I didn't get a photo of what James ordered, but he had panang curry. Yummy, but it's usually too spicy for me.
After our lunch, James wanted to go to the Russell Stover store for ice cream. They serve Blue Bell ice cream - which is the best ice cream we've ever had beside homemade. None of the local grocery stores carry it here, and we miss it.  It is a wonderful treat to be able to get it from a local candy store!
Eva Kate loves ice cream. Samuel, not so much. He loves cookies though - and that's what I ordered for him. (These pics are from March, just in case you're wondering why we're all in different clothes.)

 Eva Kate handing her Daddy his card on Father's Day morning.

 We gave James a new briefcase to take to work. This is what happened to his old one. James glued the handle down and gave it to Samuel. He stuffed it full of Lily's toys.

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  1. What a fun Father's Day weekend! The kids just couldn't be any cuter!