Monday, June 2, 2014

Waikiki Beach

While on Oahu, we visited Waikiki Beach. Getting there was a bit of a challenge. The hotel we were staying it was about 8 miles from the beach, and we were hoping to save a little money by taking a bus instead of a cab. After about an hour -yes an hour- of riding on and waiting on the bus, we gave up and got a taxi.  It had been lightly lightly raining, and we were hoping that it would stop so we could walk around the beach for a little while before we ate dinner.
 The rain did stop, and we were able to spend a little at the beach.  The view of the mountain was awesome. I had wondered what all the hubbub concerning this particular beach was all about. Songs have been written about it, movies have been filmed there. It was really pretty, but if you take the mountain out of the picture, it looks like many of the beaches in Florida - while they are beautiful, no one's singing about those beaches so much. What gives? Well this beach was the nicest place to swim of all the beaches we visited. The shore lines at the other beaches we visited were rather rocky, and sometimes so rocky that it was not all at all safe to swim there.

 We ate dinner at Beijing Restaurant located in the Royal Hawaiian Center. It is a Chinese Seafood restaurant, and when we were seated, we were the only people there who were not Asian. That always speaks well for the authenticity of the food!
 I ordered the Taro's Nest. I had never heard of taro before. It is a tuber crop, and it is what the bowl of my entree is made from. It is a served at luaus too, but it is prepared differently and the dish is called poi. I tired poi at the luau that we went to on the big island, and I didn't like it. I did like the edible bowl that I had here.

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