Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Big Island - The Luau

 We went at a luau at the hotel that we stayed at on the big island. James and I just so happened to be outside that morning as the staff was getting the pig into the earth oven. It was pretty fun to get to see this process. It was about 9:00 in the morning when they got started, so the pig cooked for the better part of the day.

 The greenery that is over the pig is Ti leaves and leaves from banana trees.

 One of the hula dancers was available before the food was served to pose for photos and give lessons on how to tie a sarong.

 This is a little shot of the buffet that the food was served from at the luau. It had been raining most of the afternoon, so it had to held indoors.  The food was not the highlight of the evening for me - the dancing was. The food was good, but it was not the best meal that we had on the trip. The pork was great, and so were the purple sweet potatoes and the creamed spinach.  Everything else was not worth the calories to me - including the Mai Tais. I had a couple of them. James had about ten of them, and said he didn't think there was much rum in them. Obviously not, if since he was still able to carry on a coherent conversation after consuming ten of them. They were served at an open bar from a huge punch bowl that was about the size of a toddler swimming pool.

 The hula dancers were awesome. They changed costumes several times, and performed dances that had their roots in various parts of the Polynesian Triangle.

After the hula dancers were finished, one of the male dancers performed a fire dance. 
 This was amazing to watch. I'm not sure how he does this without getting burned, we could tell that he was enjoying himself.

I ruined my dress to get these photos because I had to climb over a rock wall to get a clear shot - badly snagging my dress, but it was worth it. I'll gladly trade a $20 dress for these pics. 

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