Monday, September 8, 2014

Celebrating Samuel's Adoption Day

Last Friday marked the second anniversary of the finalization of Samuel's adoption.  Friday was a work day for both me and James, so we celebrated on Saturday.  It was a time for me to reflect on the faithfulness of God in answering our prayers for children, and to pray for Samuel's birthmom. Her children call me Mom, and there is where the tragedy and beauty of adoption intertwine.

We gave Samuel a little gift to open on Saturday morning.  

He was given a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head set. I had a Mr. Potato head when I was a kid, and I had a lot of fun with mine.
 He and Eva Kate both loving playing with these.  He calls them both "Dumpy." The only explanation I've been able to come up with for that name is that he made a connection to Humpty Dumpty because of the way they are shaped.

 Eva Kate's favorite accessory is the eye glasses.

After dinner, we let the kids have a cupcake - or rather half of one because these were big cupcakes.

We went to the Saturday night service at our church so we could have Sunday morning free to go to the botanical garden. Thanks to my husband's employer, we got into the main garden and the children's garden for free. We'd never been to the children's garden before because of the extra cost, so it was fun for all four of us to get to check it out.

 The Climatron is probably my favorite place at the garden. The daytime temperature inside is kept between 64-85 F and the average humidity is 85% - which is heavenly in the middle of February. It houses a lot of tropical plants, and this summer it has also housed an amazing array of Lego sculptures.
The butterfly was my favorite.

 Over 300,000 Legos were used in the sculptures.
 These are a few photos from the children's garden. Very fun.  Samuel was a little scared to walk across the rope bridge, but after being cheered on a little, he loved it.

We went to Mission Taco Joint for lunch, and it was really good.
 I tried the portobello mushroom, grilled fish, and duck tacos. My favorite was the mushroom taco, which I wasn't expecting.
 They make all their corn tortillas daily on site, and we got to watch a few of them being cooked.
We all had a really fun day together, and I'm so thank that Samuel is our son.

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