Saturday, September 27, 2014

Taste the Cause

Tomorrow is the cycling event, Pedal the Cause, that I've been preparing for, and this evening we had the chance to go to a dinner that is a fundraiser for the same event. The dinner was called "Taste the Cause," and all the riders got in for free.  Kids under the age of 12 years also got in for free, so the only one of us that needed a ticket was James. We got to try food from several local chefs, and I think we will be visiting their restaurants.

 This was my favorite thing I tried: Roasted Lamb with Pumpkin and Edamame Salad. The lamb was really tender, and the salad was very flavorful. 
 The main thing that Samuel had to eat was Shrimp and Grits. That made me happy.
 He also loved the chocolate coconut macaroons from Cravings Gourmet Desserts.  I thought I'd had macaroons before, and didn't care for them - but these were so good.
 There was a live band, and he got up from our table to dance with his macaroon in his hand.
 The chicken entree that the FarmHaus had available was quite tasty. Samuel enjoyed some of their cornbread.
 Kaldi's Coffee was on site demonstrating the Chemex Coffemaker.  I had never seen this done before, and it certainly did produce a smooth cup of coffee. They were serving some their Kenyan coffee.

 There was a time for cancer survivors to share their stories, and as the crowd clapped for them, so did Eva Kate.
There is a huge wall set up for people to place a sticker and write the name of someone they are riding for.  Jon's name went on my sticker.

Jon is a friend of ours from college, and I just learned this week that he has traveled to Austria with his wife to under cancer treatment. This is his second battle with the disease, and there is a fundraising campaign going on right now to raise funds to help cover his medical expenses. You can read about his story here: Kicking Cancer with the Bufkins. Please pray for healing!

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  1. What a great cause and Bridget has been keeping me updated on Jon. How very sad and I do pray that he will survive this horrible disease! Hugs to you!