Monday, January 3, 2011

Remember Y2K?

It's hard to believe that all the hysteria over the new millennium was over a decade ago.  There was much talk of computer systems failing, the electrical grid going down and panic from the general public.  People stocked up on water and canned goods.  It went off without a hitch.  It is interesting what the fear of the unknown will drive us to do.

Much has changed for me since 2000.
2001- James graduated for college.  We got married and moved to Little Rock - where we had an apartment fire and had to move again.

2002- We got our first dog, Daisy.  I was rather unfamiliar with boarder collies before we got her, but I think we're hooked.  She's been so much fun and she's so smart.  She obeys and follows instructions better than some people I have encountered! Ha!   I also started my first job in pharmacy that year.

2003- We went on a missions trip to Broken Arrow Bible Ranch in New Mexico.  Broken Arrow provides Christian teaching to the Navajo people in the area.  We went with a big group from our church, and we had a great week.

2004- We visited St. Louis for our anniversary, totally unaware that we'd soon call that city home.

2005- This was a year for the history books, a year we will never forget.  Not all the memories are sad.  We got our Sheltie, Lily.  I graduated from pharmacy school, and we went on our first cruise afterward.  James started grad school at LSU.  We moved to Baton Rouge and bought our first home 6 weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit.  We had lost power at our house, and I'll never forget sitting in our living room listening to the radio and hearing the news that the levees had been breached.  My heart sank & my mind went straight to James' cousin and his wife who had been living near Lake Pontchartrain.  People had talked for years about New Orleans' vulnerability to a strong storm. . .I knew when the levees were breached that this was that strong storm that would bring the city to her knees.

We go to see these Mayan ruins on our cruise.  We climbed to the top of the pyramid.
The Louisiana State capital building

2006- I got laid off and changed jobs. We volunteered with the relief efforts in New Orleans.

2007- We took a trip to the Grand Canyon in April.  We began talking about what life after grad school would look like.
2008- James decided not to pursue a PhD, and he left LSU with a master's degree.  In March, we both applied for jobs in St. Louis.  I quit my job at Walgreens six weeks later.  We sold our house in April and we bought a home outside of St. Louis in May.  My grandfather passed away that summer.

2009- We began the process of adoption.  We visited New York City in September.

2010- We watched the Saints win the Super Bowl.  I began to cry a little when the trophy was presented.  It was so good to see the city celebrate again.  I went to Haiti after the earthquake.  We went to Yellowstone in June, and that trip included an unplanned hospital stay in Montana.  We lost out first referral for a child.
 This was taken our first day in the park.  The accident with the horse happened the next day.

We've been through good times and sad times and God's been with us through it all.  He promises that hard times will come.  I think it is comforting in a way that He does promise that we will suffer.  It makes me remember that He is in control and He is our refuge.  He knows what each day of our lives will hold.   Happy New Year, and may you fall more deeply in love with our Savior, Jesus this year.

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  1. I couldn’t help but smile as a read “your walk through memory lane”. Day to day, it may be challenging to see all the great blessings we have but when you back up and take a look at a longer timeline, isn’t life great? Maybe grand would be a better word. I am reminded of the saying “Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.” I hope the next decade is just a wonderful for the both of you.