Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sewing to meet a Need

 This might be a post with a little "TMI" for the guys out there, unless you work in the medical field, so feel free to stop reading now.  I've started a new sewing project.  Andrea at Babe of my Heart inspired me to do this.  GO read her post, if you have time.  It will tug at your heartstrings!  Until my trip to Haiti last year, it never crossed my mind what women in less than fortunate circumstances did when they got their period each month.  Lets face it, feminine hygiene products are something that no one here enjoys shopping for.  I've see more than one woman who has been embarrassed to buy those items.  I saw women in Haiti who were in such need of those items that they were willing to steal them.  I've heard of women using old mops and newspaper when they did not have access to pads or tampons.  I can't imagine having no other choice than newspaper.  It tugs at my heart as a pharmacist. . .newspaper is far from sanitary & it puts the women at a high risk for infection.  So, I decided to do a little something to help.  I'm making reusable pads that can be washed reused.  We are going to donate them when we got to Ethiopia.  I'd love to have some of you join me in this project too!  The pattern and instructions that I used can be found at Ask Pauline.  Refer to her website if you need more detailed instructions that what I gave.  Her pattern is also available for no charge.  I made one last night, and I hope to make some more this weekend.  This is pretty easy.  I'm not much of a seamstress, so if I can make these I think most anyone who knows how to operate a sewing machine can make these.

Here's what I used:

100% cotton batting (Don't use polyester because it is not as absorbent.)
1 yard of flannel
1 yard of Rip-Stop water-resistant fabric
1 old towel
sew-on snaps

I bought the supplies at Hancock's.  I spent about $35, and the batting was the most expensive item.  I got one package of crib-size batting and it was about $15.  

Cut out the batting, towel piece, and the top and bottom.  The top will be from the flannel and the bottom will be from the Rip-Stop.



 Layer together the flannel, batting and towel.  Sew a zig-zag stitch down the middle.
Sew a zig-zag stitch around the outer edge of the towel and batting.
Pin the Rip-Stop to the side with the flannel.

 Place the pad on the sewing machine with the towel side up.  Sew a straight stitch around the majority of the edge - wings too.  You need to leave about a one inch opening so you can turn the pad right-side-out.
 Turn the pad right-side out and sew a straight stitch all the way around it outside of it.  You can close up the opening by doing this, if you care careful.
 Sew on the snaps.
 This is the backside.
It snaps closed into a handy little pouch.

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