Friday, March 18, 2011

Bathroom Remodeling

 We have a small half-bath in our basement, and we are doing some remodeling in there.  We are replacing the flooring, vanity, fixtures, mirror and repainting.  Basically the only things that stay are the wastebasket and toilet.  Here are some before pictures:
You can see spackling on the wall in this photo, above the sink.  That is because there used to be a medicine cabinet there, and whoever installed it decided that it would be a wonderful idea to glue it to the wall.  Ugh.  What is wrong with just using screws?  The glue damaged the sheetrock, so I had to spackle over the damage.
The floor had seen better days.  This is was vinyl flooring, and the upper layer of it had started to wear off.
We had a really difficult time removing the vanity because it was also glued to the wall.  Again, the glue damaged the sheetrock.  I understand needing to use caulk or silicone around a sink, but this much glue??  I have been unable to remove all of the glue from the wall.  If anyone has any advice about how to remove it, I'll take it!  I've been trying to scrap it off with a putty knife, which has not worked that well.
A close up of the damage:
A shot of the room once we got everything removed:

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