Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tying up loose ends

We are finally practically finished with our paperwork.  We mailed the last of our documents and payments (for now) to our social worker's office today.  This has taken 6 months.  I hardly know what to do with my free time now!  Much of my free time since June has been consumed with letter writing, required reading and online training, and other adoption related paperwork.

Our social worker has to get the documents that we just turned in sealed by the MO Secretary of State.  Then the next step is sending our completed dossier (the mound of paperwork) to Bethany's national office.  Then it gets sent to DC then on to Ethiopia.  The offical word from Bethany is to expect a wait time of 12-15 months, however they have recently added more orphanages in Ethiopia to their network and some families have gotten referrals in as little as 8 months.  So we will see!

Thanks to those of you have or been praying for us, and huge thanks to those of you who have written letters and served as references for us.  You played an essential role in helping us bring our child(ren) home.

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  1. We will keep praying that you get your kiddos home soon!